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Masseter Reduction and facial reshaping

The masseter muscle is a major facial muscle located in the jaw that is associated with chewing and teeth grinding, TMJ or Bruxism. An enlarged masseter muscle can result in a wide or square jaw, which can be considered to be quite masculine. While a strong, square jawline can be distinctly masculine and desirable in male patients, many female patients are seeking softer more feminized shape to their face. Particularly in Asian females, changing the shape of the face from square to a more attractive oval shape can add a more gentle graceful appearance.

Non-surgical treatments are usually the preferred choice amongst patients. This method of face reshaping, requires no need for surgical intervention yet it allows patients to re-contour a strong jawline or wider lower face with the aim of achieving a more feminine, graceful appearance without the associated expense and risks of surgery. A masseter jaw treatment with Botox usually only takes a few minutes and the results can last up to six months. Most patients require two treatment sessions, with a gap of approximately eight weeks in between.

Patients who experience pain and discomfort as a result of an overly large masseter muscle can also benefit from this treatment. By using botulinum toxin to help shrink the masseter muscle and both reduce its appearance and lessen the amount of discomfort the muscle exerts on the surrounding tissues.