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Undereye Rejuvenation

Often the part of the face that reveal the signs of ageing are our eyes. It's the first thing that we noticed and engage. Eye rejuvenation is crucial to a youthful presence. VIDASKIN offers a range of remedies to target concerns like:


Eye bags are due to herniation of fat between the eye and the bony orbital rim. This can come with age or be present from young due to genetic factors. Depending on the serverity of these, we manage with Dermal Fillers, Radiofrequency or laser ablation.


The tear trough is an anatomical indentation sitting just between the cheek and the lower eye. While considered a normal structure, this groove can deepen with age, accentuating the hollowing and lethargic appearance. The main form of management of tear troughs is with the use of fillers - the hollow is filled subtly to blend the lid-cheek junction and smooth out any irregularities.


Dark eye circles - or the panda eye look - can be due to several reasons, including thin under eye skin, visible vasculature under the skin, increased pigmentation, Skin laxity and wrinkling. Management will depend on the cause of the discolouration, and usually involves a combination the following  Lasers, Fillers, Radio-frequency tightening and Ultrasound Firming