Our Beliefs

Natural Beauty

We believe that every woman posseses natural grace and beauty, in a way which is hers uniquely. She should be encouraged to feel comfortable with herself, and be empowered to face the world confidently in her own skin. Whilst true beauty may not be just skin deep, the appearance of our skin gives the first impression to those we meet. Healthy and luminous skin speaks well of our health, nutrition, hygiene practices, self-care and personal discipline.

Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully does not mean ignoring all skin care routines. On the contrary, it means taking ownership and care for your skin from a young age so as to prevent problems later on which may be more difficult and costly to manage. ​


With this in mind, VIDASKIN carries an extensive range of meticulously crafted medical grade skin care products, to enable busy women and men to take care of their skin easily and conveniently.​ Learn about our products here.


VIDASKIN aesthetic treatments include technologically advanced ablative to non-ablative laser therapy, medical grade intensive pulsed light (IPL) treatments, Botox and filler injections. We also have an extensive range of luxurious aesthetics treatments for both the face and body.  Find out more about our treatments here.


The VIDASKIN Peel Bar, exclusively offered in Singapore by our clinic, provides chemical peels suitable for every skin concern. Visit our Peel Bar here.

Purity Simplicity Beauty

Our Core Values

PURITY In Our Motivation

We provide patients and clients with only the best and safest treatments available, treatments that we believe in and would use on ourselves and our family.

We give back to society through collaborations with businesses and organisations which support the less fortunate.

SIMPLICITY In Our Approach

We are committed to journeying with our patients to debunk myths and to help them to make truly informed decisions.

We will not recommend more than what the patient needs, or price beyond what is reasonable.

BEAUTY Through Excellence

Our doctors are well-practised, experienced and routinely undergo continuous education and re-training to update their knowledge on the latest technologies and treatments being developed and used internationally. 

We use only machines which are FDA and HSA approved, or have a long- standing proven track record.

We provide only treatments which have been rigorously tested, with proven efficacy to bring the best to our patients.

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About VIDASKIN Clinic

VIDASKIN Clinic is a premier medical & aesthetic clinic in Wheelock Place, Orchard, Singapore providing a comprehensive range of medically proven solutions. 

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