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VIDASKIN Super Sonic Anti Pollution Facetherapy

Singapore has been affected by severe smoke haze due to forest fires in the region periodically. The severity of such haze conditions has been much worse in the last two years. The bad news is that the haze has been projected to return earlier this year, and with a vengeance! Over the last two years, much research has been done which shed light on the negative effects air pollution has on our health and skin.


At VIDASKIN, we want to make sure you are well aware of, and protected from the harmful effects of the haze. As such, this facetherapy has been especially designed to protect us through these difficult times, to ensure continual skin health.


How does the haze affect our skin?


Air pollution as we know, has a direct effect on health and, particularly, the lungs. It is also very harmful to the skin.


Pollution particles vary in size. Some of them are particularly small (PM 2.5), and can sometimes be 20 times smaller than the pores of our skin. They do not only sit on our skin, but can infiltrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, blocking our pores.


This causes inflammation (resulting in acne) and dehydration (resulting in fine lines and other skin problems). On top of that, it affects our skin on a cellular level, impeding the detoxification process and accelerates skin ageing, leading to loss of elasticity and firmness. The amount of skin aging pollution does on our skin is likened to that from smoking a few packs of cigarettes a day!

What is the VIDASKIN Super Sonic Anti Pollution Facetherapy?


The VIDASKIN Super Sonic Anti Pollution Facetherapy has been especially designed to ready the skin for the haze season which will inevitably come. It consists of multiple steps which will target all the aspects of pollution and its harmful effects on our skin.

Step 1 Super Sonic Skin Treatment


The treatment starts with double cleansing which thoroughly removed surface dirt, make up and impurities on our skin. Following that, a super sonic skin treatment is used to remove all deeper impurities, including PM2.5 materials which may be trapped in the epidermal layer of the skin. This process also exfoliates the dead cell layer, encouraging cell renewal and regeneration.


Step 2 Oxygen Revival Treament


Following this, an Oxygen Revival Treatment is performed. This treatment helps to encourage the skin’s own delivery of oxygen to the skin, providing the nutrients it so desperately needs. It also contains important vitamins, amino acids, peptides and antioxidants to detoxify, hydrate and replenish the skin.

Step 3 Vitamin C Boost


An infusion of potent Vitamin C boosts the skin of its anti-oxidant levels, giving the skin an instant radiance. A relaxing and luxurious Manual Lymphatic Massage then follows, kick starting the skin’s detoxification process.


The treatment ends with an antioxidant mask and application of an antioxidant booster for the ultimate protection that will last you for weeks to come!



How long is this treatment?


This treatment usually takes about 90 minutes to complete.


Who is suitable for the treatment?


Both men and women who are looking to protect their skin from the harmful effects of the haze and air pollution should have this treatment. It is suitable for most skin types.


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