Lifted Skin in May

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May is one of the months we love the most because it celebrates our bold, beautiful and totally deserving mothers!

Treat mommy to Thermage® treatment and enjoy more than just that! Whether is it just the face or just the eyes or both that you're thinking of improving, our Thermage® bundles delivers natural and lasting results.

The Thermage can also be used on your body areas like the thighs, arms, bra area, armpits and stomach. 

If you're one of our first 30 sign ups for the $5550 Thermage® Bundle, we want to enhance your skincare routine with an additonal ASTRAA Care Pack!

The care pack consists of 1 Astraa Anti Pollution Serum and 1 Astraa Sun Protection cream.

The Astraa Anti Pollution Serum is a small but powerful serum helps to fight free radicals, chelates and removes pollutants from skin while improving skin elasticity and brightening of skin tone. 

Up your skin defence game even more with ASTRAA Complete Sun Protection as it further protects the skin against the damaging effects of free radicals from the exposure to Infra Red and Blue Rays. It also guards the skin’s DNA to inhibit light induced aging, and prevents loss of skin density.

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