Crystal Tomato 水晶番茄  

Crystal Tomato is one of the world’s favourite skin whitening supplement.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, it is a safe and convenient way to achieve a healthier and more radiant complexion. Effective in helping to control pigmentation and helping to protect against UV damage, its results and safety records are backed by medical research, conducted by the National Skin Centre of Singapore.

Crystal Tomato Skin Supplement - Made in USA

Why Choose Crystal Tomato?

  1. SAFETY: 100% natural ingredients, proven to be a safe and convenient way to beautiful skin.

  2. NATURAL SUNSCREEN: One-pill-a-day offers protection against harmful UVA and UVB damage

  3. FIGHTS PIGMENTS: Inhibits pigment production in the skin, as well as reduce existing pigments.

  4. ANTI-OXIDANT EFFECT: Its anti-oxidant effects means a whole body protection against free radical damage.

  5. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECT: It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in wound healing and alleviate many other skin conditions.

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The Secret to Crystal Tomato ​

It’s one of the first oral health supplements in the world to contain colourless carotenoids extracts from a unique breed of non-genetically modified breed of white tomatoes. Colourless carotenoids is one of nature’s super whitening ingredients and has been scientifically proven to offer skin brightening benefits.

Just One-A-Day

Just one-a-day, this is a convenient supplement for the modern women to achieve youthful, fairer and healthier looking skin – with no side effects.

A box of Crystal Tomato® contains a month’s supply.

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VIDASKIN Clinic is a boutique medical aesthetic clinic in Wheelock Place, Orchard Road, Singapore providing a comprehensive range of medically proven solutions. VIDASKIN Clinic is proud to be one of the officially authorised partner to provide the Crystal Tomato supplement. 

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