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Face Slimming, Jaw Reduction, Masseter Reduction

Many asian women’s standard of beauty involves having the coveted V-shaped face. Contrary to misconceptions, this may not require extensive surgery. With Botulinum Toxin injections, it is possible to reshape, refine and reduce the appearance of a square jaw and a square or round face.

Chin Enhancement

The perception of beauty often relies on our brain’s assessment of proportions and balance. A shortened chin can be easily corrected with placement of hyaluronic acid fillers to enhance the projection of the chin. It is used to correct problems such as receding chins (retrognathia) and short, small chins (micrognathia).


Occasionally, a shorted chin is due to overactivity of the mentalis muscles. The muscles constantly pulls the chin inwards and upwards, creating a dimpling effect over the chin. Overtime, this will also cause the chin to shorted and may contribute to a more un-natural look. This muscles can be relaxed by the placement of botulinum toxins precisely into the overactive muscle.

Nose Enhancement

If you desire a higher and defined nose bridge, and is reluctant to undergo surgery, this minimally invasive method may be suitable for you. Small injections of hyaluronic acid fillers are placed at the bridge of the nose carefully, to create the ideal shape and height which you desire.


Treatment Options:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Injections    


Cheek Restoration

As we age, we all loose fats from our faces and cheeks. This contributes to a tired and aged appearance. The apple of the cheeks symbolises youth and beauty, and this is be restored by placement of hyaluronic acid fillers to augment and replace lost tissues.


Treatment Options:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Injections      


Nasolabial Folds Correction

Prominent nasolabial fold are one of the most frequently corrected problems. As we age and fats are lost from our faces, and sagging sets in, these folds become more prominent. Injection of hyaluronic fillers can help with the correction and reduction of these folds. 


Treatment Options:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Injections


Forehead and Temple Beautification

A full and round forehead and temple area have been associated with beauty, youth and success in the Asian culture. For those who are looking to beautify these areas of their faces can do so via minimally invasive hyaluronic injections.


Treatment Options:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Injections  


Brow Lifting

A subtle brow lift can be achieved by placing hyaluronic acid materials to support the brow bone which has been lost with age.


Treatment Options:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Injections  


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