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Thread Lifting

Reduce the visible signs of aging with VIDASKIN Signature V-shaped Thread lift.

Thread lift is a non-surgical procedure, safe, comfortable and has minimal downtime. Most importantly, it is an effective face lift treatment.

Thread lift is one of the latest and most popular treatment in Korea to combat the signs of ageing, and to restore the previous youthful visage.

Our Korean Thread Lift treatment uses thin threads made with materials called polydioxanone (PDO) threads. When placed into the target treatment areas such as the cheeks, jawline and neck, these threads work to stimulate new fibroblast for collagen production from within the skin. This effectively tightens and lifts the sagging skin, giving you a V shape face, and reduces the appearances of sagging and folds. At VIDASKIN, we are committed to bringing to our patients the most effective and safe options. Therefore, we only use threads which has received HSA approvals, ensuring you of both safety and efficacy.