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PicoSure®  - The Celebrity Laser to RULE THEM ALL

Signalling a new day in skin revitalisation.
The Perfect Treatment for overall skin rejuvenation, skin tone and textural improvements. Designed for Asian skin types in Singapore, you can also address deep pigments and acne scars as well as wrinkles for anti-aging. When you have no time for downtime but still strive for flawless skin, simply drop by VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetic Clinic for this laser facial treatment. 



The Skin Conditions Which it Treats


PicoSure’s unique energy delivery is a breakthrough for patients’ seeking a way to improve their skin and reduce signs of aging but who don’t want to deal with the risks, pain and downtime of traditional laser treatments. Using highly targeted energy, PicoSure gently disrupts the particles responsible for a range of pigment conditions like freckles, sunspots and other discolouration. But there’s more. With the revolutionary Focus lens, PicoSure harnesses the latest breakthroughs in medical science to improve wrinkles, age lines and even acne scars. Unlike other lasers with similar results, PicoSure doesn’t rely on heat to burn away and destroy skin to force the body to heal.

Instead, PicoSure is designed to activate the body’s natural immune response while minimizing injury and discomfort. Because it uses gentle pressure instead of dangerous, damaging heat, there’s no need for a long, painful recovery. In fact, most patients only experience a few hours of mild redness.



How does Focus compare histologically?

Picosure laser downtime

With PicoSure, there is no need to sacrifice safety, comfort or convenience for effectiveness.
PicoSure does all this on your time.


Effective Solution for Skin Pigmentation



PicoSure Laser is a safe and effective method when it comes to dealing with skin discolouration, fine lines, dark spots or scars without any harsh side effects on Asian skin.


Skin pigmentation is defined as a concentrated and localised area of increased pigmentation usually caused by exposure to the sun. Freckles, sun or age spots, scars and melasma caused by hormonal changes mostly affect the face and décolletage. PicoSure can give excellent results when treating skin pigmentation. Unsightly spots removed can give way to noticeably clearer complexion and better skin texture.



Patented Focus Lens Array: The Low Downtime Solution for Textural Improvements



Your body already has what it takes to help you look and feel younger.
Let PicoSure put it to work for you.

Recent discoveries have begun to reveal the secret language of the body and how cells talk to each other to keep us healthy. Known as cell signalling, this biological communication occurs when cells are injured and release proteins, which are then detected by surrounding cells to trigger a healing response.

Inside your cells, there is newer skin just waiting to get out. Focus treatments with the PicoSure laser activate your body’s natural skin cell processes for healthy, more youthful-looking skin. Only Focus treatments lighten unwanted pigment AND uniquely stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin—keys to younger-looking skin—without the pain or downtime of other laser treatments.



How does it work?



PicoSure’s PressureWaveTM technology uses a unique wavelength of light (755nm) and a specialized lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. This pressure squeezes cells, activating the natural cell signaling processes that create new collagen and elastin without
burning or damaging the skin.


Picosur laser Focus Treatment



Illustration of PicoSure Focus Treatment
The Focus Lens Array delivers 20x the energy density of a normal PicoSure pulse to begin activating cell signaling.


10 Min Post

Histology photograph courtesy of Emil Tanghetti, MD
Intra-epidermal Laser Induced Optical Breakdowns (LIOBs) form and cause pressure waves that propagate into the dermis, triggering pressure injuries to activate cells.


24 Hrs Post

Histology photographs courtesy of Emil Tanghetti, MD
Cell signaling initiates an enhanced  inflammatory healing response that leads to increased collagen and elastin and  ultimately revitalizes skin.


Increased Collagen and Elastin


The result? Brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin—with virtually no downtime. That’s breakthrough.



What to Expect After a Picosure Treatment?


Other lasers promise to treat wrinkles, acne scars and blemishes. But only PicoSure and its PressureWave technology can deliver impressive results without the inconvenience, pain and downtime of other procedures.

With PicoSure, there’s no special prep and procedures typically take about 10-15 minutes. Most people experience no pain and describe treatments as feeling like the snapping of a rubber band, but your treatment provider may offer numbing cream to minimize any possible discomfort. After treatment, most patients experience only 1-3 hours of minor swelling and redness. Because PicoSure doesn’t burn and damage the surface of the skin, make-up, moisturizes and sun screens may be applied immediately following treatment.

With PicoSure, reducing unwanted wrinkles, acne scars and pigment is more convenient than ever before.

Fast, gentle treatments mean you don’t need to disrupt your busy life to achieve real improvements.

• Minimal swelling or redness—just 1–3 hours
• No need to cover up
• No need to miss work or leisure activities



Tattoo Removal



Ready to lose your tattoo? Do it better and faster with PicoSure.
PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond laser and the only advanced tattoo removal laser with PressureWave technology, which works with your body to remove unwanted ink. PicoSure delivers laser energy that specifically targets tattoo ink, resulting in the successful shattering of just the ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue.

PicoSure works effectively on:

• Multicolored tattoos, including blues and greens
• Hard-to-remove black ink
• Stubborn, previously treated tattoos

Best of all, PicoSure tattoo removal often requires fewer treatments than traditional laser tattoo


PicoSure® – The first and leading choice for comfortable and convenient tattoo removal and skin revitalization treatments for wrinkles, acne scars and pigments like freckles, sunspots and discoloration.

PicoSure® is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don’t rely solely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin. Instead, PicoSure engineers used cutting-edge physics and medical science to help practitioners treat patients in a new way. Instead of building up heat, PicoSure® delivers energy so rapidly (in trillionths of a second) that tiny particles that make up the pigment and tattoo ink vibrate and shatter, without burning surrounding tissue. Less heat means less tissue damage and discomfort.


Even more impressive is PicoSure® 's revolutionary technology and how it is designed to harness the body’s natural healing process to restore youthful skin in ways never before possible. Using proprietary Focus lens technology, PicoSure® effectively converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves that activate Cell Signaling, the body’s natural communication processes and one of the most exciting medical discoveries in recent history.




One treatment can target multiple conditions simultaneously. An ideal choice for someone who strives for flawless skin:

✓ Deep pigment
✓ Superficial pigment
✓ Wrinkles & fine Lines
✓ Brighter skin Complexion
✓ Acne marks & scars
✓ Smaller pores
✓ Smoother skin
✓ Uneven skin texture
✓ Dark eye circles
✓ Birthmarks


PicoSure® Laser is a safe and effective method when it comes to dealing with skin discoloration, fine lines, dark spots or scars without any harsh side effects on Asian skin. Skin pigmentation is defined as a concentrated and localized area of increased pigmentation usually caused by exposure to the sun. Freckles, sun or age spots, scars and melasma caused by hormonal changes mostly affect the face and décolletage. PicoSure® can give excellent results when treating skin pigmentation. Unsightly spots removed can give way to a noticeably clearer complexion and better skin texture.


When dealing with Asian skin types, PicoSure® treatments are a safe and effective method. With proven clinical validation, with 26 publications and 59 abstracts to date, you can confidently use PicoSure® to deal with skin discolorations, fine lines, sun spots and acne scars without any adverse reaction or post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) in Asian skins.



The PicoSure® Laser is likened by many doctors to be an upgrade of the Nano Laser.
With its higher photo-acoustic energy, the Pico Laser breaks down pigmentation into smaller fragments compared to a Nano Laser (Q-Switched Laser). These smaller fragments are then cleared faster by the body. Plus, because of its substantially shorter pulse duration (the length of time the energy spends in your skin), the Pico Laser has less of a photo-thermal effect. This means there’s less heat generated that may adversely affect surrounding skin tissues.


As the leading picosecond laser, PicoSure® is able to treat all colors of tattoo ink on patients of all skin types, PicoSure® could likely work for you! Plus, PicoSure® has been shown to remove tattoos in fewer treatments so speak to us about a treatment plan that’s right for you.


Picosecond pulse creates an intense photomechanical impact known as PressureWave™. Very swiftly, PressureWave™ shatters the target particles. Each burst occurs in picoseconds (trillionths of a second).


The PressureWave™ targets colour pigments and clears colours such as red, orange and yellow with fewer treatments and less fluence, without injury to the surrounding skin. The treatment of stubborn dark, blue and green inks or previously treated but unsuccessful tattoos is also possible with PicoSure®.


PicoSure® has been shown to remove tattoos in fewer treatments, so speak to us about a treatment plan that is right for you.






Just as the PicoSure® Laser can remove tattoos, it can also be used to remove unwanted pigmentation such as:

  • Solar Lentigo (Sunspots, Age spots, Liver spots)
  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Hori’s Nevus


It does this as energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigments, which subsequently breaks up the pigment molecules (melanin or ink particles). These shattered particles are then absorbed and drained by your body.


Through its unique energy delivery, PicoSure® focuses on patients who are seeking ways to improve their skin or reduce signs of ageing. While it differs from traditional laser treatments with risks, pain and downtime, PicoSure® gently treats pigmented and discoloured conditions with the highest energy. Wrinkles, age lines and acne scars are improved with the Focus lens. Unlike the other lasers with similar results, PicoSure® does not use heat to burn away skin for forced healing.
PicoSure® Lasers have been shown to improve skin texture and pore size. Results in the treatment of acne scarring are also comparable to fractional ablative laser treatments such as Fractional CO2 Laser.
With the special Focus™ Lens Array, the PicoSure® laser can treat patients who seek skin rejuvenation or wish to clear signs of aging. PicoSure® can be used to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. As a result, fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars can be improved without risking damage or burning to the surrounding skin.


Recognized to be 20 times more powerful than normal lenses, the key part of PicoSure® is the Focus™ Lens Array which allows a highly concentrated stream of energy to be emitted. This energy creates an impact (PressureWave™) big enough to effectively hit and shatter pigments into pigment fragments which will be broken to even smaller pieces and eventually be carried away by the bloodstream. There will be a noticeable change in the texture and softness of the skin. This treatment is especially effective for acne scars and fine lines.


WHAT IS A PressureWave™?

Picosecond pulses generate a strong photomechanical impact a.k.a PressureWave™. Each PressureWave™ occurs in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) – allowing for spot clearing of tattoo pigments with lesser treatments and lesser injury to surrounding skin. PicoSure® is also better absorbed by pigmentation hence, lesser treatments and a greater pigment clearance percentage. By inducing laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB), dermal remodeling can be triggered within the skin.




Most patients provide feedback about experiencing comfortable treatment experience and describe skin revitalisation treatments as feeling like a light snapping of a rubber band. Because tattoo removal treatments use more energy, patients may experience more sensation, but here at VIDASKIN, we offer numbing cream or other aids to maximise comfort.



Some patients may experience 1 - 3 hours of mild redness immediately after the laser. However, overall there is no thermal injury to the dermis and hence, minimal downtime. You can resume normal day-to-day activities, but for 24 hours, do avoid activities that stimulate facial heating, such as exercising.


PicoSure® laser therapies are FDA-approved and PicoSure® 's ultra-fast pulses and specialised wavelengths work together to minimize the amount of heat transferred. Less heat means fewer chances for damage to occur to any surrounding skin, lessening the risks of injury. For this reason, Pico is extremely safe and can be applied to any area of the face and body
It utilises  different pulses for different responses. PicoSure® increases pressure on ink particles by reducing the width from 750ps to 550ps.


PicoSure® is designed with safety in mind ,and incidents of scarring are very rare. Tattoo removal treatments require more energy than skin revitalisation and some patients may experience hypopigmentation (a lightening in skin colour of the treated area), but this is usually temporary and normal skin is typically restored once healing is complete.




PicoSure® procedure time depends on the size of the area to be treated, and 10 minutes is common for average-sized tattoo and skin revitalisation treatments. It is generally considered a lunchtime treatment.



PicoSure® Tattoo removal and acne scar results are permanent. Skin revitalisation treatment results are long-lasting, but some pigment conditions can be recurrent. Some patients find that a PicoSure® Focus treatment every six months can help prevent the accumulation of pigment and slow the appearance of wrinkles.


Recovery timelines are dependent on the condition being treated and each patient’s ability to heal. Typical treatment intervals are 2 - 6 weeks for pigmented lesions and 6 - 8 weeks for tattoo removal. Treatments for acne scars and wrinkles using the Focus lens array can be performed every 3 - 4 weeks. Your treatment provider will create a personalized treatment plan for you.


The sun exposes the skin to harmful radiation. To protect the skin, the body produces extra melanin, causing the skin to tan. Since PicoSure® targets melanin to remove excess pigment, a heavy tan may interfere with the treatment. The skin is more vulnerable to sunlight after PicoSure® laser treatments for removal of tattoos and unwanted pigment so minimizing sun exposure and use of sunscreen of SPF30+ is recommended.



  • The number of PicoSure® treatments for unwanted pigmentation will vary depending on the condition being treated and how each individual responds.


  • For tattoo removal, the size, location and density of ink play important roles in how quickly clearance can be achieved, but 4 -10 treatments are common for modern tattoos. Your treatment provider will be able to evaluate and provide you with a personalised plan.


  • The number of treatments for skin revitalisation is largely dependent on the clinical condition being addressed but 2 - 5 treatments are common. Your treatment provider will be able to provide you with a personalised plan.


How does the VISIA® complexion analysis work? We use multispectral photos of different wavelengths, including infrared light, to identify visible and invisible changes in the skin that may indicate skin issues and disease. This non-invasive thermal imaging can identify the overall condition of your skin and may even lead to an early diagnosis of skin cancer.


The TruSkin Age™ system evaluates your skin based on the presence of: 

  • Sun damage just below the skin surface
  • Wrinkles
  • Visible spots
  • Uneven skin texture (raises or depressions in the skin)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Pigmentation or discolouration under the skin
  • Areas of possible  spider veins
  • Signs of bacteria within pores that can lead to acne and skin blemishes


We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and advanced skin analysis technologies available here at VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetics Clinic. All our skin treatments start with an in-depth skin analysis with the VISIA® Complexion Analysis system.


The VISIA® Complexion Analysis system makes it possible to customise your skin care program and formulations for your specific complexion, as well as to actively monitor and optimise these formulations over time. See clinically accurate improvements in your skin when you journey  with us.



Patients who seek Skin Toning, Skin Rejuvenation, and treatment for Pigmentary Disorders like Melasma, Freckles etc, Pore Refining, and Stretch Marks are ideal candidates for this treatment.


If you are still unsure of how you can benefit from a PicoSure®  laser treatment, we would like to invite you down for a nonobligatory, private consultation with Dr. Vicki. At VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetic Clinic, our approach to patient care is personal and bespoke, with carefully crafted treatment plans that perfectly meet your wants and needs. 


Feel free to send us some photos instead if you are unable to find the time for a consultation. Our qualified staffs and doctor here at VIDASKIN is here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals so you can look and feel your best.