Medical Skin Treatments



A FDA approved non-invasive skin rejuvenation and tightening procedure which improves the texture of the skin’s surface for an overall younger looking appearance. Read more



The only non-invasive procedure cleared by the FDA to lift the skin on the brow, neck, chin area and decolletage. Read more

Cutera Laser Genesis


The current gold standard in pore size reduction, fine lines and wrinkles treatment, redness control and collagen stimulation. Read more

水光针 Restylane Skinboosters


Your key to dewy, hydrated, radiant skin with the popular Restylane Skinboosters. Read more

婴儿针 Rejuran Skin Healer

Reverse signs of skin aging with

Rejuran.  A skin healing treatment 

that delivers highly bio-compatible DNA to the dermis. Read more

Exilis Elite

A non-invasive face and body contouring device designed to tighten skin while reducing fat with a combination of Radiofrequency and Ultrasound. Read more

Lasemd Skin Perfection Treatment


The perfect marriage between fractional laser technology with bespoke skincare. An ideal in-clinic treatment with take-home skin care for on going skin rejuvenation. 

Read more

Enerjet Needle-less Facelift

A revolutionary needle-less facelift technique without needles, heat and the risk of burns. Stimulates collagen remodelling for a long lasting result. Read more

eMATRIX Sublative Fractional Radiofrequency


The FDA approved, safe fractional radiofrequency treatment for improved wrinkles, scars, enlarged pores and textural irregularities. 

Read more

Enerjet Needle-less Acne Scar Treatments


A needle-less treatment which combines fillers injection with subcision, for the ultimate acne scar treatment. Read more

Acne Laser Therapy


Combining 2 laser treatments in one; Laser Toning and the revolutionary Gold Toning to keep acne under control. Read more

VIDASKIN Signature Trinity Facetherapy


An exclusive treatment touted as the Red Carpet Treatment. It features three skin health powerhouses: Microdermabrasion with Nutrient Infusion, Laser Toning and Chemical Peeling for the apogee in skin rejuvenation and glow. Read more

Carbon Peel Laser


The Carbon Laser treatment is a laser procedure that uses a carbon layer as a photo-enhancer to improve the skin’s radiance and promotes a smooth and glowing complexion.

Cutera LimeLight Facial

The Cutera LimeLight Facial is a medical grade light treatment that can be customised for different skin tones and ageing skin conditions. Effectively treats skin redness, tiny veins, brown spots and sun damage.

Skin Perfection Laser Therapy


Combining Laser Toning with the Revital Treatment, this treatment effectively treats both pigmentary and textural skin problems. Expect brighter complexion with improved oil control, wrinkles and pores.

VIDASKIN Total Rejuvenation


A combination of the Cutera Laser Genesis and Cutera LimeLight Facial, this treatment gives you the ultimate rejuvenation, taking care of the skin 360 degrees. Expect improvements in pigments, tone and texture, the 3 aspects of skin ageing.

Acne Marks Laser Therapy


Combining 2 laser treatments in one; Laser Toning and the revolutionary Gold Toning to control the vascularity and redness left behind by acne.

Pigment Clear Laser


The Pigment Clear Laser is a 2 step treatment which includes Laser Toning for improved overall skin tone, as well as RUVY Touch treatment, which safely and effectively removes superficial pigments.

CO2 Fractional Laser


The carbon dioxide laser treatment remains the mainstay technology in the treatment of acne scars, large pores, wrinkles, skin laxity and uneven skin tone.



This procedure uses alternating current to effectively and safely remove benign skin conditions such as milia seeds, skin tags, skin warts and moles.

Lasemd Silky Skin Therapy


Similar to the Clear + Brilliant treatment, the Silky Skin Therapy is the perfect professional skin care regimen for those looking for a gentle treatment to fight the effects of ageing skin.

LED Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)


LED Photo Dynamic Therapy is a painless, non-surgical, non-laser light therapy that complements the skin’s natural moisture renewal process and combats visible signs of ageing.

Ellipse I2PL Therapy

An advanced Intense Pulsed Light rejuvenation treatment that rejuvenates the skin by removing pigmentation, diffused redness and leaves the skin feeling smoother and more even in texture.

Cutera Laser Vein Therapy 


The Cutera Laser combines the ideal laser wavelength to deliver superior results in vein treatments. It is safe for all skin types and treats a broad range of vessels.

Melasma Laser Therapy


Spectra is the first Q-switched Nd:YAG laser cleared for the treatment of melasma. Combining this with Gold Toning, it effectively targets both pigmentary and vascular components of melasma.

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