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Dr Vicki Leong

Dr Vicki Leong is the founder and medical director of VIDASKIN Medical Aesthetic Clinic. 

Founded in 2015, Dr Vicki has grown together with the clinic, and is currently one of the leading aesthetic clinicians in Singapore. She is also among the top users for the most prestigious brands & treatments, and is the key opinion leader & trainer for some of these brands. 
Dr Vicki grew up in cosmopolitan cities around the world and spent most of her formative years in Melbourne, Australia. She received her medical training there, where she developed a deep appreciation for natural beauty and holistic health. Upon returning to Singapore, she received training in various hospital institutions here, and has completed her MRCP (Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom) exams. Later, she was appointed the in-house physician for Singapore Airlines, and often saw patients with various skin issues which required speedy solutions. This led her to pursue her Postgraduate Diploma Dermatology in Clinical Practice at Cardiff University in 2013. Dr Vicki also has a Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine from the National University of Singapore in 2014, and is fully accredited by the Aesthetics Practice Oversight Committee, Singapore Medical Council (APOC, MC) for Certificate Competence in Aesthetic Dermatology. 
The desire to birth VIDASKIN originated from a vision to provide a platform where patients can seek unbiased, and authentic information about medical treatments in the aesthetics arena. Dr Vicki believes in delivering no less than excellence for each of her patients, and has consistently chosen treatments for her patients that are best of breed in their respective categories. She uses only products and technologies that are original, fully FDA cleared, and have evidence of unsurpassed safety and efficacy. This same fastidiousness is also carried through to her own skills development & training. Dr Vicki continuously devotes much of her time to the study of newer, better and safer techniques; development of new technologies; and research into the best skincare ingredients for her patients, to complement both in-clinic treatments, as well as treat various skin concerns. 
Dr Vicki is also an advanced injector who offers state-of-the-art Injectable Treatments at VIDASKIN. Dr Vicki aims to deliver safe, natural yet impactful, and effective treatments to address each of her patient’s concerns, not just by improving their physical appearances, but also their psychological well-being and confidence. She was hand picked by the legendary Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio De Maio, who has single-handedly transformed the way cosmetic injectables are used in aesthetic medicine, to be his personal mentee from 2019 to the present. She remains, until today, the first and only practitioner in Singapore who has received such an honour. 
When it comes to investing in technologies for her patients, Dr Vicki considers only industry leaders that have unrivalled safety and efficacy records. She uses only the original, FDA cleared, safe and effective treatments for her patients. For instance, VIDASKIN was the first clinic in Singapore to have the Thermage FLX treatment, and continues to perform among the highest number of treatments per year, allowing her the privilege of honing her techniques to provide superior results. She was also the only Singapore aesthetic doctor in Monaco for the Ultherapy SEE PLAN TREAT protocol expert consensus meeting in 2018, and has been using this protocol before its introduction in Singapore. She now trains other doctors in this procedure. 
By offering a wide selection of treatments at VIDASKIN, Dr Vicki wishes to treat a broad spectrum of facial aesthetics and skin conditions. Rather than only having one laser, device or treatment option available, she has sought technologies from across the world that are best of breed, safe, effective and target different aspects of the same condition. What this means is that for any condition or concerns a patient may have, VIDASKIN is able to offer multiple solutions, depending on their preference, desired result, budget and medical history.

Dr. Vicki is committed to providing only evidence-based and rigoriously tested treatments. With her approachable and caring demeanour, patients feel assured and at ease. She is dedicated to help her patients face the world with confidence in their everyday lives.

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