The essence of PROFHILO | The treatment that has taken the world by STORM!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Aging brings with it many perks. Self-growth, emotional stability, confidence and many other qualities which comes with maturity, unfortunately, does not comes free. Along with emotional and psychological aging, is physical aging. Amongst physical signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines and folds, greying hair, is also the real struggle of not even remembering where you have left your keys!

But today, let’s talk about how we can cheat aging, by introducing the essence of the new raving technology that has taken the world BY STORM!

In the natural process of aging, hyaluronic acid production in the skin begins to slow down, and our skin starts to lose elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to form. To combat this, PROFHILO can be used where a hyper concentrated dose of hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. Not only does PROHILO hydrate the skin, it also helps to return to the skin its former youthful elasticity and firmness. The results? More healthy and glowing skin from deep within!

Formulated with unique patented NAHYCO Hybrid Technology


PROFHILO is of the leading product in the market that contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid in a single vial! It's thermal bonding gives it the properties of a hydrator and it reacts with your own tissue to boost hydration, and kick start the production of elastic and collagen. This instantaneously makes our skin soft and smooth and well hydrated. Overtime, the hyper concentrated hyaluronic acid kickstarts the stimulation of collagen and elastin, making the skin firmer, more elastic and more youthful looking!


Secondly, with the unique patented technology of PROFHILO, you can greatly reduce the downtime which has been associated with older skinboosters. PROFHILO is injected directly below the skin surface and having gel like consistency and low viscosity, it spreads quickly and extensively without formation of lumps. Its unique structure and cohesivity allows it to flow freely through the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis unlike most hyaluronic acid fillers. This also means that PROFHILO can easily be used at places which pose difficulty when working with traditional skinboosters like the neck and forehead.


While trace amounts of BDDE cross linked to hyaluronic acid in fillers is considered safe, PROFHILO is completely free of them. This substantially reduces the risk of any allergic reactions since no synthetic chemicals are involved.


PROFHILO does not cause inflammation and is known as anti-inflammatory. Probably one of the reasons why no allergy test is required prior to the treatment!


PROFHILO is recommended to be done twice, being one month apart, and a maintenance treatment in six to nine months, with results that may last up to one to one and a half years.

Achieve 20% increase in skin hydration

12 times increase of collagen and elastin in the skin

8 times more lasting in the skin than regular non cross-linked hyaluronic acid

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