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Rejuran S has been specifically designed to be injected under the surface of acne scar. It has a higher concentration of polynucleotide that will boosts healing of acne scar tissue which is ideal for scar healing. This injection will repair the skin at the precise location where the collagen production is needed the most. The DNA extract in Rejuran S is obtained from wild caught salmon from a specific region in Seoul.



Rujuran S promotes tissue restoration, reconstruction and improvement of the physical appearance of acne scars. Optimised for scar tissue repair, each treatment will result out smoother skin, and more shallow acne scars. Rejuran S is more concentrated and more viscous in texture than Rejuran Healer 



We see Rejuran as taking an anti ageing/ age prevention treatment. It has multiple benefits for the skin, due to the unique properties of PDRN.

  • Activates revitalization of the skin by promoting cell growth through inducing fibroblast production collagen. This will help achieve smoother, firmer skin by improving skin elasticity and reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck, and under eyes.


  •  Slows down ageing, strengthens and thickens the foundational layers of the skin. It also promotes the regeneration of new skin cells the skin barrier for a stronger defense barrier against environment and non-environmental factors that cause premature aging of the skin.


  •  Improves skin hydration by up to 14.69% in a study done Korean dermatologists.


  • Helps reduce sunken acne scars and minimizes pores by repairing damaged skin and collagen structures damaged by previous inflammation from acne.


  • Helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation disorders such as melasma by exerting an anti-inflammatory effect.



  • Ageing and loose skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scars and large pores

  • Rough and dehydrated skin

  • Overall maintenance for healthier, brighter, and younger skin



Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream is applied to minimise any discomfort during the procedure. Very much like Skinboosters, Rejuran Skin Healer can be injected into the dermis layer of the skin either by an injector gun, or by manual injections with a very small needle. At VIDASKIN, we employ the manual injection technique as it ensures that none of the product leaks during the procedure for best results. Also, with manual injections, downtime with Rejuran is minimal.


After the procedure, cooling masks, LED light therapy or Calecim Serum can be used to further enhance results and recovery.


After the treatment, you may experience mild swelling at the injection sites. However, the redness and swelling can be reduced significantly with LED treatment, cold compress and stem cell serums. Most people can go back to work almost immediately.

It is important to understand that this treatment should be viewed as a skin healer and immediate changes are unlikely. The skin healing process which begins from well within the skin structure usually takes about 4 weeks to take effect. As Rejuran Skin Healer treatment is essentially a skin healing procedure using salmon DNA, it takes about 4 weeks to see any visible improvement in your skin texture.


To yield the full benefits of the Rejuran Skin Healer treatment, you are recommended to complete a program of 3 treatments about 3 weeks apart. This is to ensure that the results are long-lasting and sustainable. For patients who like the results of the treatment can continue with maintenance single treatments done every 3 or 6 to 12 months, to continue to enjoy the skin benefits it provides.

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Benefits of Rejuran S

A Natural filler that reverses ageing and restore one's youthfulness

•    Shallower acne scars
•    Smoother skin
•    Optimised for depressed and acne scars

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