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VIDASKIN Signature Trinity Facetherapy

What is the VIDASKIN Signature Trinity Facetherapy?


The VIDASKIN Signature Trinity Facetherapy is our Red Carpet Treatment that combines the best of advanced medical and aesthetics skin care technologies, into one effective skin rejuvenation and renewal treatment. This three-part treatment features three skin health powerhouses: Microdermabrasion with Nutrient Infusion, Laser Toning and Chemical Peeling.


Inspired by The Colbert MD TRIAD Facial, we have adapted it to better suit our climate, as well as our more delicate Asian skin.


What are the benefits of this treatment?


The Signature Trinity Facetherapy brings about both short and long term benefits.


In the immediate phase, the skin is energized and beautified to result in an instant glow and lift. The treatment also initiates a sustained process of cell rejuvenation and collagen stimulation. Overtime, and ideally with repeated treatments done at the recommended intervals (every 4 to 6 weeks), this treatment works to reverse signs of ageing such as wrinkles, enlarged pores, pigmentation and photo damage.


Some of the key benefits of this treatment include the fact that it isn't painful, produces hardly any redness, provides immediate results and most importantly there is very little downtime required after a treatment session.


This treatment is highly effective, safe, suitable for both men and women and is ideal for those looking to have an immediate boost to their skin or a comprehensive treatment to maintain their skin health amidst their busy schedule.



What does the Signature Trinity Facetherapy involve?


Step 1 Skin Renewal and Optimisation


Microdermabrasion with Nutrient Essence Infusion


Microdermabrasion with Nutrient Essence Infusion gently removes old, dead skin cells to result in an immediate skin clarification and tone improvement. At the same time, an infusion of plant essence and nutrients is infused to provide the skin with an extra boost of radiance and hydration.


This step also prepares the skin for the laser treatment which follows, allowing even and consistent delivery of laser energy on the skin surface.


Step 2 Anti Aging Power House: Correction of Tone, Texture and Elasticity


Laser Toning


Laser Toning works on multiple levels; it energises the skin, even out the skin tone and improve texture. It also awakens skin cells (fibroblasts) and stimulate a deep and long-term collagen production, resulting in the sustained benefits which you see with this treatment.


Step 3 Skin Restoration


Gentle Chemical Peeling


A blend of natural enzyme and fruit acids is used to slough off any residual dead cells from your skin. Chemical Peeling also kick starts the skin renewal process, resulting in an instant brightening and radiance.


This treatment ends with a cooling and soothing facial mask for the complete glow and rejuvenation.


What is the VIDASKIN Signature Trinity Facetherapy recommended for?


  • Regular maintenance for optimal skin health

  • Skin rejuvenation/Pore reduction

  • Acne

  • Pigmentation

  • Skin aging/ Sun Damage


How long does each treatment last?


Each treatment session is about 80 minutes.


Are there any precautions to take for this treatment?


You are strongly advised to avoid excessive sun exposure before and after any medical aesthetics treatments. Please discontinue the use of Retin A products for one week prior to the treatment.


As with any laser or chemical treatments, always use adequate sun protection (SPF 50 and above), and a suitable skin care regimen.


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