5 things to do with your mother this Mother’s Day

May 3, 2016


You shouldn't wait till every year’s mothers day to show appreciation and love to your mother. However, this annual remembrance day serves as a good reminder for us to remember the sacrifices and unconditional love which our mother shower upon us.


Here are 5 simple things which you can do, to enjoy some much needing bonding time with the most important woman in your life:


1. Take a selfie with your mother


Check your Facebook and Instagram. When was the last time you took a selfie with your mother? Your Facebook is probably laden with photos of your nights out, the meals you have had with your friends etc. But when was the last time you allowed your mother to take centre stage on your social media life? Take a selfie and show the world the woman who made you, cared for you and who will stood by you no matter what.


2. Take her to her favourite restaurant


Food is all Singaporean’s favourite past time, regardless of your gender and age. During this month of May, take your mother and treat her to her favourite food! Be it a sumptuous hawker fare or an elegant english tea, pamper her (and her stomach) just as she has pampered you all these years.


3.Enjoy nature together 

Being city creatures that we are, we often forget the joy of just being with nature. Take your mother and the whole family on a day out, to enjoy what the nature has to offer! Singapore has made a lot of effort to build and preserve parts of our country to remind us of what nature looks like (although these areas may be small and somewhat artificial). Some suggestions include the tree top walk at Mount Faber, Labrador Park or Bukit Timah nature reserve. Enjoy a good conversation with her whilst on the walk. Leave your phones at home! Don’t forget your sun screen though!


4. Bond with your siblings


I believe this is true for most mothers. All they want to see is unity and love amongst her children.

This mother’s day, if you have any grievances with your siblings, put that aside for your mother’s sake. Join together as a family and enjoy spending some time together. Who knows? Maybe you will rekindle the brotherly/ sisterly love that shaped who you are today.  


5. Pamper her like a Queen that she is


As ladies, we all love to be pampered. This mother’s day, take your queen to a pampering session. Be it at a spa for a facial or massage, or to the nail salon for a pedi mani. Treat her like a queen! She will definitely appreciate the downtime when she is look after-ed, rather than looking after. You can even go with her, and spend this time together for some luxurious bonding!


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5 things to do with your mother this Mother’s Day

May 3, 2016

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